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Yea!  It’s taken me way too long to get a Pinterest account up, but I  hadn’t the time to grab some photos for a proper and welcoming attraction for you all.  Lo and Behold, I have finished off some great boards, stuffed them full of beautiful content, and have it ready for your browsing.

I particularly like the Places to Travel board, as I believe the four walls are closing in on me. There is also a board on Projects To Try, Garden Ideas, DIY Gift Giving and Kids Corner for projects to do with your grandkids. If you haven’t been bitten by the Pinterest bug, don’t feel left out.  Actually, it may be a godsend, as when you do begin, it is easy to get lost in its oblivion. All of the pictures, projects, file folders, and recipe cards can be ditched, as they can be ‘stored’ on Pinterest.  Well, maybe not the recipes, but there are plenty of new ones to collect, especially on healthy eating, something our doctors keep mentioning at routine visits!


There are also plenty of lists which have been gathered for those of us with good intentions, but little time to do anything more than writing a Post It note to ourselves.  Several are in the Travel folder for itinerary suggestions and packing hacks, as well as Events and Celebration organization ideas.

Check them out and please let me know how you like them.  If you have any additional boards you would like to see created, contact us below and we’ll get more content posted.  Pictures will be added daily (as I’m kind of a nut for Pinterest) and future board ideas include Wedding & Events, Retirement Abroad, and Entrepreneurs.   

Thanks as always, our readers are the best!!!


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