Well, I’ve Been Gone Awhile…

After leaving this website in the hands of its owners and realizing they were a bit more involved in their lives than they had anticipated, I’m back to managing the rhetoric and resource. Though hearts and hopes committed to pursuits of grandeur, life and love possessed the most promised of pledges. It is with great compassion and ownership that I will be flagging videos, creating posts, taking pictures, writing blogs, and blowing our horn in every way possible, once again. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms!!!

Though we haven’t had any obvious energy online, those of us behind the scenes have kept the emotion of My Second 50 alive – in coffee shops, on gondolas, and with family surrounding our souls. Conversations have continued within the pages of books and on sidewalks of schools. Tears have been shed embraced in hospice and concerns have been voiced on the steps of capitals. Our thoughts are singular, but our focus is combined. We are aging women who have dreams of our own and lives to begin living – now.

We are often a strong league in numbers, but sometimes feeble in the confines of our own minds. When the hormones are raging or disappoints rank too high. And why do these things usually hit home at the dead of night?

In the past year, I have traveled, grown, lost, and loved. I’ve realized my ‘sisters’ are the strongest part of me. I’ve seen many of them vulnerable and frail one moment, and turn around and knock down steel barriers the next. Some carry pain I will never know, others mask hardship without a clue to their frailty. Many of us exist with a lump in our throat and a brief hesitation to begin the day.

And with all this emotion, disguised or free-flowing, we carry on.

In witnessing these amazing feats, I fall silent. Too often I battle with times of insecurity in my responsibilities and expect more of myself than ever before.

I am not unusual.

I have moments of elation and hours of thought. I try to stay upbeat, but it is winter in the Rockies, and sometimes the days close in with grey and gloom. I blame the weather, but are the storms inside my skin?

Once again, I am not alone in these feelings.

That is when I reach for My Second 50, and it’s ladies to redirect me.

You all are light and hope. I’m so honored to be, once again, in your midst with words and welcome. Pour that cup of coffee and let’s tally onward …



3 thoughts on “Reconnect …

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