Take The Initiative

  • First and foremost, listen to your body
  • Secondly, don’t put off what you should do today
  • Thirdly, keep trying, don’t give up, we all have setbacks- it doesn’t mean defeat
  • Fourth, have fun, put a smile on and get outside


Happy Mind, Healthy Body: Can One Affect the Other?



As each of us moves through our day, there are occurrences when stress, anxiety, or nervousness affect our ability to function at our peak performance level. Granted, asking our body and mind to kick out 100% velocity 24/7 is a bit much, but all in all, it is generally what we ask of ourselves. Getting reports completed, keeping meetings and schedules current, and satisfying those around us who ask the utmost of our abilities takes a toll. Both mentally and physically. Not to mention the daily demands of our personal lives of paying bills, raising children, and keeping our homes operating efficiently.

Picture this scenario and replace yourself with a car. The engine is asked to travel at 80 MPH, throughout the entire day. It has hills and valleys to travel through, periodically needing service. Gas, oil, and levels of coolant can keep it running on a current level, but it will also need additional maintenance; repairing the transmission, replacing a leaking oil pan, or fixing a ripped seat should be maintained also. These things take time, money, finding the right mechanic, and hardest of all, the realization of it needing to be done.


While our bodies are not as clearly understood as a red flashing oil light or a flat tire, we usually have a pretty good idea of when we need ‘maintenance’. Eating, for example, is a pretty easy need to realize. But even this common and necessary practice can be misunderstood. If we fill up on empty calories or toxin-filled foods, they wear down our ‘engine’ and extra tasks need to be performed. Exercise, diet re-evaluation, and even surgery contribute to the doctors’ game plan of what will keep us moving through life happy, well-balanced, and capable of handling life’s’ ups and downs easily.


When the red oil light does come on, however, and generally we can all figure it will happen at some time, the anxiety levels rise and our body goes into survival mode. How do we cope with this mentally? Do some cars fall apart at the bottom of the valley and park at the side of the road to rust away? Are others taped and glued together to make it to the next garage to be fixed and made better, later? Physical mishaps can be dealt with, but even a car needs a driver to determine that something is wrong. As is our psyche, and we are dependent on it to get us into the ‘shop’ to fix any problems which may arise.


If our minds are at the breaking point, however, what happens then? If we have been operating at a full capacity for months and years and our bodies say ‘whoa, I need oil’ do we listen, or do we keep on pushing ourselves until the engine seizes up? Having a negative or overwhelmed mental state can harm the body much more than just needing to enlist in an exercise program. It can defeat our environment, causing us to reduce work efforts, forget important family needs, and basically, shut down the communication between mind and body.


Keeping our psyche healthy and happy is, and should be, a major concern of a nurtured and balanced lifestyle. Each one supports the other, making our bodies capable of handling the anxieties and burdens we put on it daily. In other words, we need to stop and smell the roses on a scheduled and realistic level.


So what now? If you are feeling unhappy, nervous, or ill, see your doctor. Discuss your concerns and devise a path for you to get back on the road of positive feelings. If you feel good currently, great. Keep up the good work, but don’t rely on youth or caffeine to get you through the day. Make sure the fuel you are putting into your body gives you the happiness and positive attitude you need to face your job, your community, and yourself with a bright approach to your day and your life.


If you aren’t sure how you feel, ask a close friend their opinion of your attitude. Do they think you are optimistic or pessimistic? Do they view you as wanting to try new things in life or hovering in the background, afraid of what change may bring? Remember, these stresses will eventually take a toll on your body, whether in small doses of having a headache or irritable stomach, or large doses such as heart disease or cancer.

Bottom line, listen to your body. Deep down, you know what you can do to make yourself a healthy and happy person. Do the analysis and step up to the plate. Your mechanic and fuel can only do so much. It is up to the driver to pull the car into the gas station or call the mechanic. And no one wants to drive a broken down and unpredictable machine.


Keep On Truckn’!



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