Grandkids and Growth

Can life give us anything more precious than our little sweet grandchildren?   I can’t think of any.  Cradling those little bundles is the ultimate joy; a love beginning as with our own children, yet the wisdom of knowledge. And Less Fear!!! 

When we have our own, it is incredibly different – the newness of it all is so overwhelming.  Couple this fact with the responsibilities of raising them ‘right’, giving them everything they need and want, and making sure you don’t mess anything up (from sleeping habits to nutritional food) along the way can make any parent lose their hair and keep them up at night.  As if our children didn’t do this anyway. 

There are so many aspects of being a grandparent which are incredibly rewarding, simply because we know it will all be fine.  Kids will be kids, you do your best.  As grandparents though, we are able to spoil, tend, offer, and love those little tikes in ways only another grandparent understands.

Please share your comments below on a favorite story or picture of your grandchildren.  We’ll post them all here, to share and ogle over!  


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Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, and Leg Cramps, Oh My!

Wow, who could have told you?  My mom tried, but she could see I didn’t relate when she was entering menopause, so she never took it any farther than ‘oh, just a bad night’ and ‘if your father tells me one more time how to make toast, I’ll …’.  You get the picture.

Yet, menopause and aging go way beyond never having to worry about another period (finally!) and plucking your upper lip more often.

It involves many occurrences when your body is not the one you‘ve known for 50 plus years (minus the times you were pregnant!).  It gains weight when you could have sworn you’ve been eating right; it develops wrinkles and spots only where others can see; it lets you down on a hike, by complaining and cramping up; and it wakes you up in the middle of the night, not once, or even twice, but many times, for a list of other ailments we won’t even begin to embark upon here. 

We’ll post articles and ideas as we find good ones, things that really work, but would love to hear of any remedies or distractions you have devised to make your daily routine a bit more plausible.  If you have a favorite face cream or a solution for inner-sole shoes, please contact us below.  We’d love to share any and all and look forward to all of you helping the rest of us feel better!


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Inspiration & Self Development

A little secret …

When we were discussing the idea of launching a website for women, the initial and driving idea was to have a neutral and supportive haven for women to share their problems, solutions, ideas, and humor.  We had so many friends who were in some sort of peril with kids, work, spouses, or the world crashing in.  In our daily lives it is easy to be short on time, have too many responsibilities, or perhaps we have a situation and don’t want to admit we can’t handle it ourselves. We wanted to provide a safe haven where a woman can ask for help and reassurance, lose her thoughts in a project or story of someone else’s, or just cruise through the Weekly Chats until our own coffee dates could become be set up for girl time.

We all have our circle of friends, some are new friendships and some are as old as the hills.  The best part about these friendships is there is no pretense and no status quo, we are accepted for who we are, period. 

But too often, each of us is caught up in our own day to actually make time for ourselves or our friends, at least at the very moment.  For some reason, we seem to schedule our-friend-time after the grandkids, parents, jobs, spouses, and home life.  And how much is available then?  Not as much as we wish!

At this point in our lives, we have become resilient and have found a way to overcome the most drastic of times at the moment.  But by the time comes when we do have a moment with our closest friends, the drama has most likely, been dealt with.  We’ve already put it in our little box on the back shelf to deal with at another time.

Here at My Second 50, we aim to alleviate some of the ‘alone’ time.  We want to provide a place where you can stop for 5 or 10 minutes, grab a hot cup, and unwind with like-minded ladies.  With more and more contributing to the issues here and sharing experiences, we’re hoping to collect many points of view in many given situations.  These articles, links, thoughts, and insights will hopefully, contribute to some form of comfort.  Or at the very least, may put a smile on your face.

Inspirations and Health will combine the physical and the emotional sides of being a woman, from hot flashes to an overbearing boss.  From a great bottle of Cabernet to the benefits of walking, we’ll cover all sides of a situation and lead you to more, if you need it.  All from a point of view of a Woman’s Second 50.

Please click on the listed buttons for articles and connections.  If you have a particular subject you’d like us to address, let us know.  We want to hear from you!


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We need more suggestions for what you are interested in.  If you don’t suggest, we’ll just have to dig into our basket of dusty needs and post something on caulking tubs or the latest viral zoo video … !!!


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