A Focus on Lifestyle After 50

I could have read books, talked to doctors, and listened to my mom until the cows came home; no one could have prepared me for the life changes I would go through when menopause began.  With this in mind, cherish this place, for it has been designed for you.  A safe haven to air your concerns, learn from others, and share the joys of thriving in these conversations with and of other women.

Welcome Home!!!



About Us

My Second 50 is a group of women (yup, over 50!) with energy, ideas, and opinions.  What began as an early afternoon tea and coffee break soon turned into a common voice needing identity, recognition, and camaraderie.  We have been scorn, we have been loved, we have built, and we have survived.  The scores of women ‘out there’ with similar thoughts and issues, rejoice!  Here is a place where you can grab a cup, sit in a cozy chair with your sweats on and your bra off, pets at your side and the birds chirping outside.  Share, read, comment, and endure.  We are here to stay …

Comments …

Inspiration For Women

Mitzi Bailey

“All women need a voice and a place to be nurtured.  I was lucky enough to have a mom and sister who provided this for me.  I am sharing their thoughts, care, and beliefs here, as well as my own. The Best is Yet To Come…”

Team Faulkner

“How lucky could I be to have a relationship with my daughter as wonderful as I have with my own momma?  I’m sharing this site with her so she can experience a society with dignity and class outside of our family. Today, so much of life is automated.  By engaging with women who experience so many different facets of life, I hope to inspire her beyond Facebook and Instagram.”

Stacy McNicol

“What began as a coffee break has evolved into a mass following of intelligent, creative, innovative, and lively women.  I am so proud to be part of the beginning of this crowd.  Just when I think we have thought of every avenue we can discuss, ten others stem from the thought and we are recreating the world once more.  I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

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