Women’s DIY Projects and Tutorials

Are you a handy person at heart?  Perhaps the only person around to fix the toilet?  Do you want a new wreath for Easter?  Let’s tackle those projects together!  Just for you, a women’s DIY projects and tutorials forum, where we can post, share, educate, and laugh about our latest and greatest accomplishments.  And well, yes, failures too!

We’ll begin with a few discussions on DIY basics, sharing projects of women who are not afraid of a hot glue gun or a power drill.  Help us build a great resource by emailing us an idea of what you need in the SEND US YOUR THOUGHTS box below.  We’ll get back to you when your answer will be posted. Thank you for your input and contribution to My Second 50!


How to Wire a Single Pole Switch

Changing out a light switch, whether it is broken or you want to upgrade to a dimmable switch, is an easy and noticeable way to give any room a facelift.


How to Wire …


Drill Review:

Choosing a Drill You’ll Love

Fitting a drill might sound a bit presumptuous to some, but actually, having the proper drill can mean the difference between enjoying your project to the conclusion or hating it.  Read further for logical and surprising details in your search for your perfect ‘right’ hand.

Choosing a Drill …

Amazing Gift Baskets

Few things in life are as fun as receiving a beautiful packaged basket or box filled with specialized items. Learn how to assemble a gorgeous basket with just a few secret tips, for your next amazing ‘ahh’ when         gift-giving.

Amazing Gift …

Women’s DIY Projects and Tutorials


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