Whether you have been a career woman your entire life, began working after the kids started full-time school, or changed a career path midway, evolving into our surroundings at 50 can be a scary and self-evaluating time.  As we’ve progressed through our working life, at this point, we don’t feel any different.  In fact, quite the opposite; we move forward with great assurances and feel our experiences and loyalty should be appreciated.  Yet, we hear of and witness many experienced, smart, and successful women being downsized, overlooked for promotions, and ridiculed into submission, being replaced by younger and credentialed subordinates. 

As we move into what should be the most confident period in our lives (when we can put our careers first and finally go for the Golden Ring), we are faced with many surprising and unexpected challenges.  Here, we will discuss these jewels and lumps of coal, forming new outlooks and dreams for ourselves.  Let’s face it, women in business are the backbone of any successful company, whether it’s in the bosses chair or supporting it.  Discussion of ways to overcome these barriers and exploring techniques can be the path to the most profitable and happy era in our careers.  Let’s give ‘being successful and happy’ in our jobs a try!

C-Level Status – Are We There Yet? 

My heart is heavy today.  The initial premise of this article was going to focus on women who have made it to the top, to the corner office with CEO on the door.  I found more articles on why women aren’t in these roles than why they were.  The New York Times has several good, recent articles on this topic.  It is a sobering look at how women stack up to ‘the boys club’.


Women Who Almost …

Office Drama

Gossip is all around us.  But when we experience it head-on in the workplace it is upsetting and cruel, whether you are a witness or a victim.  This discussion identifies the problem, weighs the pitfalls and whatever benefits may arise. and how to address and move forward from pain to absolvement.


Gossip in the Workplace




Want to Work at Home?

Haven’t we all, at some time or another, wanted to work from home?  Being able to run your own show, work the hours you want, and do your tasks in the sanctity of your own four walls? 

And, haven’t many of us thought the romantic life of running a Victorian Bed & Breakfast would be the ultimate work-from-home career? Well, Debbie Miller of A.G. Thomson House Historic Bed & Breakfast did just that.  But 25 years ago in Ohio, no one had heard of a Bed & Breakfast Inn.   Here are her trials of convincing the township she wasn’t opening a  House of Ill Repute …

Bed & Breakfast or Brothel?

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