Wrapping a Beautiful Basket or Box


You’ve found a bunch of adorable little gifts for your sister and you are soooo excited to give them to her! French soap, essential oil, foot scrub, a natural sponge, body cream, and a shampoo, of which you aren’t quite sure it will make her hair shine like your daddy’s Chevy, but it smells incredibly delicious!

Putting these small items in a box and taping a bow on it just doesn’t seem right, you want the wrapping to frame those precious gifts. But you aren’t Creative Katie either.  Start with a basket.  But how are you going to get all these things in a basket and actually make it look good?  They either settle in one big lump at the bottom of the basket or fall haphazardly and usually, out of the basket! 

You want your packaging to be as special as the gifts it holds.

First of all, go bigger instead of smaller, in all things here, everything.  You want your products to be seen but you don’t want them moving around.  Get a package that can hold all the items, and then some.  Make sure you have more tissue than you think you’ll need, more filler items (if you’re using them like M & M’s or such) and larger pieces of wrapping cellophane.  The basket or box needs to look overstuffed and overfilled if you want a great visual effect.  This doesn’t mean you need more items, you just need to take up all the space.

Have on hand some base filler, also, if your basket is deep, such as foam ‘peanuts’ or bubble wrap.  This you will use to nudge the items down into, making sure they don’t roll around or move.  If you are planning on sprinkling smaller items over the top after the larger ones are arranged, you can pick a neutral color of tissue, otherwise, kick it up and pick a colored paper.  Something that is complimentary of the item labels but won’t overpower them.  The last thing you want is hot pick tissue when packaging up a bunch of organically packaged foods.  Find a common color with four or five items and go with that.  Try to stay away from the patterns, unless you use them as an accent when finishing off the wrapping.  They will distract the overall appeal of the gifts.

Tuck your items in close and make sure they are stable and won’t move.  Position the basket or box so you have a ‘front’ where most of the labels can be seen.  Place the larger items to the rear and the heavier items on the sides for balance. If you have only one or two heavy items, place them in the middle of the basket or box, back to back, and work the other items facing out, toward the outer edges.  Basic thoughts are for balance and presentation.  If you place these items well, the rest of the gifts will almost jump in by themselves!

Add the rest of the items and arrange them as evenly from front to back and side to side as possible.  After all the gifts are in place, you can add confetti or small candies, sprinkled amongst the items, to fill in small spaces and make the package look ‘full’.  Be aware they can fall out too, so tuck them down a bit after they have found their place.  If you are giving a card, it also should go in here, as after your gift has it’s bow on, the card is hard to secure and covers up your items.  Tuck it in a nice little nook.

Place the basket or box on top of an oversized piece of cellophane which will give you 8” to 10” above the gathering point which is above the handle (if there is one).  Make sure it is big enough so there aren’t any holes where items could fall out.  Use a twist tie to secure the gathered cellophane up and secure.  Colored cellophane is nice but is not necessary.  Your gifts are the stars here, you don’t want to up stage them with decoration. 

Use a large bow and streamers if you’d like, as the ‘topper’ to your gift, kind of like a Christmas tree.  Use colors that will complement your items or filler tissue, so your gift is coordinated.  The more repetitive the colors are, the more appealing the look.  If you have small craft items that can be put on a ribbon and hang from the bow, this is a nice look too.  As long as it coordinates with color and theme, gaudy works.  After all, it is a gift!

Wrapping a basket, wrapping a box, or wrapping a parcel for the post, may seem daunting to do with style, but by using ample wrap, lots of ribbons, and tape effectively, you can create a gift anyone will love to receive.

Happy Gift Giving!