It’s Been a Long Winter

Where Was I ?

Hello everyone, and thanks for hanging in there with me!

I’ve had some family issues, as well as some of my own these last few months, and can’t believe it has been since November since I wrote. Well, at least wrote here … let me explain.

Last October, I produced an online curriculum for at-home learning. As I received my grad degree in Instructional Design, I figured it was about time I began using it, even if it meant no one wanted to hire me to do so (yes, applications have been going out like smoke up the chimney).

Well, when faced with a topic, of course, I wanted to write about something I was passionate about, something I felt I knew intimately, and something which would help others. 

I began looking over my past and realized since I turned 50 years old, my life has been a bit tumultuous. I have had multiple job positions, financial upheaval, my children faced demons I had no idea existed (so we faced them together), and I realized my fiance wasn’t who I thought he was. This last realization, my relationship, proved to be the topic of my coursework.

So many people suffer by the hand of someone else. We long for answers and believe they lie with our partner, but sometimes, our partner doesn’t care to give answers, or perhaps, doesn’t even realize there are tensions and neglect. This is when we need to turn to a support group, therapist, books, videos, and anything else we can get our hands on to get answers and begin again on our path to happiness.

I won’t go into the curriculum any further, you can find it under the new tab on our Home page under ‘Online Courses‘; what I do want to say, though, is how this absorbed my direction and the constant drive to be happy. It’s been such a dark and hard few months, remembering the pain and dissecting the thoughts and actions which have brought me to healing. In the writing of this, however, I hope to help anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation, to realize it doesn’t have to take 10 years to identify and heal; you don’t have to hit rock bottom before you figure out it was their manipulation and your addiction to pleasing them which is causing the grief.

I will leave you with these thoughts – I love having this website and fall back on the participants and colleagues I have met here which fuel my spirit. I am sorry I have been absent in our little conversations and talks, but please know, I’ve thought about you all, every day. And the best part? You’ve noticed my absence and have been concerned. What better place to come to and announce, “I’m Home!!!” ?

None … thank you for your continued support and love!!!




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